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SThree's vision on being an attractive employer

In an overheated labour market, it is hard to find new colleagues. Jelte explains to us how SThree divides as an attractive employer compared to other companies.

Tech Future

There are more vacancies than people. The numbers for the Dutch market are clear: for every 143 vacancies, there are only 100 job seekers. This creates an enormous shortage in the labour market. According to Dutch statistics, the shortage in staff has not been this high since the 1960s and 1970s.



Customization wins the 'war for talent' 

Hacquebord: “Almost every organisation is looking for new colleagues. We see this within the STEM sector and in our own search for new talent. There is a lot of competition. Not only in attracting new professionals, but also in retaining current employees. The flexibility of employers is being tested enormously.”


The importance of an effective strategy

“A strong vision that inspires with the right balance between an effective organizational structure and building emotions around your employer brand is essential in successful talent management. In addition, it’s important to be transparent about your business strategy, so everyone understands they have a pivotal role. Making your people part of the bigger picture is crucial in retaining talent. That’s why 'everybody plays' is one of our mottos.”


What’s important for (young) professionals?

“Every individual is different. Look into the expectations of your (new) employees, create insight into their wishes, and respond to them. In this way you, build an optimal learning and performance culture. We strongly believe in the power of interaction. SThree invested heavily in personal development with the SThree Academy (an online platform with 16,000 training courses), classroom training, and international peer learning. Besides that, we have a collaboration with Nyenrode Business University.  
In addition to development, the newest generations greatly value the content of their work, a pleasant work environment, freedom to have an entrepreneurial mindset, career opportunities, and flexibility. As an organisation, you have to set yourself apart in these areas. For example, we have embraced hybrid working whilst we continue to invest in our offices to be an inspiring place. We give our people the flexibility to work where they perform best, at home, the office or abroad.” 


Complexity is your biggest enemy

“Organisations constantly evolve. Make sure you provide an inspiring but simple vision and strategy. Our strategy is to focus on growth and progression, not perfection. The higher the solidarity within your organization, the stronger your culture. That ensures a stable retention rate and lots of long-term careers within SThree.”


This article was published in the FD (Het Financiele Dagblad)



Jelte (1)
His career started 15 years ago as a trainee at SThree. He has grown to Executive Board Member and Group Managing Director Benelux, Spain, and the Middle East.  Throughout his global career, he worked in more than 10 countries. Creating impact and making a difference are his life goals. It’s Jelte’s personal mission to accelerate progress and empower people and organisations to achieve more. Jelte Hacquebord , Executive Board Member | SThree Plc Group Managing Director

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