Now is the time to build a better future of work

Working habits have changed forever. Recent technological advances, changing attitudes on management and flexible working are all allowing for a more positive vision of work. We are seeing a global shift towards increased use of contingent workforces, shorter job tenures and rapidly growing societal preferences towards remote or hybrid working arrangements. Our recent social poll told us that being able to choose your own work schedule is one of the best things about being a contractor or freelancer, this was more than choosing who you work for and the ability to work on a variety of projects. 

This shows that professionals, especially in STEM, are willing to work within the freelance economy as they have more flexibility. Samuel Durand's Work in Progress documentary looks at the freelance economy in Europe and the changing societal shift towards a more fulfilling working life.

As we announce that we are partnering with Samuel Durand for the second instalment in the series, exploring the culture and structure of organisations that excel at attracting and retaining the best talent, watch the video below to find out more about the first part of the project.

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Where can I watch the documentary?

Samuel Durand's documentary is now available worldwide on Curiosity Stream and Vimeo On Demand. Viewers in France can also watch it on Welcome Originals and Salto. And it's available on Filmin in Spain.

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Learn more about how the documentary was made and what our own experts here at SThree had to say on the future of work.

Claire Bonenfant, Director at SThree France, and Mathieu Libessart, Strategic Partnerships Director at SThree France, speak to the producer of Work in Progress Samuel Durand in this special making-of series.

Find out more about how the Work in Progress documentary was made with this backstage series.

Freelancer News 

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