Mark Dorman, Specialist Staffing Group CEO

Working together to build a better future for everyone

Seven months on from the senseless killing of George Floyd, as well as many other black, Asian and minority ethnic Americans, we've seen an incredible resurgence of people around the world, uniting to stand against racism and demand change.

At the time, I spoke out about our on-going commitment to anti-racism – highlighting the achievements of SThree leaders who came before me to build a company with diversity in its DNA, improve access to quality STEM education and careers for people of colour, and from underserved communities – but also asking ourselves; how can we do more?

Playing an active role in stamping out prejudice

I made several promises at the time to ensure that we play an active role in stamping out prejudice and inequality. Working in partnership with our customers and community partners, we’ve created new pathways into STEM, removed barriers that restrict people from diverse backgrounds, and supported inclusivity at a global scale.

And we’ve been taking a critical look at our own organisation too, to find opportunities to build on our proud legacy, and ensure that discrimination has no place at SThree. This has centred around listening to our people, acting on their feedback, and creating an environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

Beyond the positive action we’ve taken as an organisation, I’ve also been on a personal journey to do more through allyship. In October last year, this took the form of hosting a roundtable discussion with people of colour at SThree to better understand people’s lived experiences. These were powerful sessions of honest and insightful conversation that have helped us to make allyship part of our culture, in a meaningful way. We’ve seen a real groundswell of solidarity amongst the leadership team, and across our organisation, as a result.

Celebrating the power of diversity

This February, in recognition of Black History Month in the US and Canada, we’re rallying behind our stateside colleagues to celebrate our diversity and inspire us on the next steps of our diversity and inclusion mission. Collaborating with Be The Inspired You CEO and renowned author, Rahkal Shelton Roberson, and fundraising for Chicago-based non-profit organisation, Young, Black & Lit are just two of the highlights for the month – but, for us, building a more diverse future is a daily focus.

We believe that diversity, inclusion, and equality have a critical role to play in making the world a better place. We also believe that we have a responsibility to not only be leaders in this space within the world of recruiting, but to do our part in helping solve complex global issues by making STEM industries more accessible.

We know that change will only happen when we all work together. It is down to us all to play our part. And we’re incredibly honoured to be a company where people from all cultures, communities, and backgrounds can come together to move society forward through STEM.

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