Our achievements, strategy and vision for ESG: how we’re helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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We are unique

Our purpose is central to everything we do as a business and is why we exist, ‘bringing skilled people together to build the future’.

Our work is aimed at changing people’s lives for the better and this is something that is core to our strategy and long-term success.

As market trends shift and STEM skills becomes ever more prevalent, we are helping to build communities of talent and future-proof people’s careers while providing our customers with their most valuable asset.

Our strategic pillars

From 2020 we will focus on executing across four new strategic pillars. They serve as guideposts of how the business will be driven forward, and reflect how we will build upon our unique position in the market.

  1. Leveraging our position at the centre of STEM to deliver sustainable value to our candidates and clients
  2. Create a world class operational platform through data, technology and infrastructure
  3. To be a leader in the markets we chose to serve
  4. Find, develop and retain great people

Q1 Trading Update

"I'm pleased to announce that we've seen improved underlying activity across each region of the Group during the first quarter. This follows the significant sequential quarterly improvement in the previous half. "

Mark Dorman, CEO

Bringing skilled people together to build the future.

Highlights, stories and results from an exceptional year - including leadership updates on our purpose, strategy and vision for the future.

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Financial Overview