SThree Foundation


The SThree Foundation was established in 2016 to develop a diverse STEM talent pipeline.

We know the STEM industries we serve provide sustainable, impactful and rewarding careers however research shows there is a shortfall in STEM workers. We also know that unemployment across the world is a challenge and contributes to social, education and health inequalities. It is our aim through the SThree Foundation to bridge this gap; bringing career opportunities in STEM to everyone.

Who We Fund

The SThree Foundation funds STEM projects nominated by our people. We fund projects that engage, excite and inspire people from diverse backgrounds to get involved in STEM.

The projects we support take place across the world. Examples of what we have funded include:

  • A work experience programme delivering over 80 STEM Insight Placements across the UK for secondary school pupils.
  • A coding class and a science class for disadvantaged children in Amsterdam.
  • Scholarships to university students studying STEM subjects.
  • Mentoring to young people from underprivileged backgrounds studying STEM subjects.
  • Big STEM Debates in London that develop the skills of young people and engage them in topical STEM discussions.

In addition the SThree Foundation match funds the fundraising efforts of our people when they raise money for the African Science Academy.


Our Impact


In the two years since launching the SThree Foundation we have engaged over 400 people from diverse backgrounds in STEM, through STEM career talks at schools and funding impactful projects.

The SThree Foundation is established under the Charities Aid Foundation which is a registered charity, number: 268369.