Garrett joined Specialist Staffing Group, the US division of SThree plc, 19 months ago as part of our Real Perm team in New York.

Since she has joined, Garrett has created an amazing career for herself thanks to her focus on providing a great customer experience to her candidates. This is particularly impressive as she didn’t have any recruitment experience when she joined our business.

Garrett truly cares about the market she recruits for and believes in her work as a recruiter and that what she does has a positive impact on people’s lives.

How do you feel your role as a recruiter influences people’s lives?

“I recruit for our specialist brand Real in the Pharma team. My clients are all in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Healthcare industry. The projects that my clients are involved with are based around infected patients’ populations, people that are suffering from an illness that either doesn’t have a cure or needs better types of drugs.”

“All my projects, the positions I recruit for, are at a clinical stage. That means it’s about drugs that haven’t been approved by the FDA to be marketed out to the public yet. We’re talking about the start of the research and development of drugs that you or I, our parents, our grandparents may take one day.”

“Therefore, I know that my role as a recruiter influences people’s lives, as the candidates I am placing and the clients I am working with are saving people’s lives every day.”

“Not only is it an urgent need for me to fill these roles from a project perspective but also from a timeline perspective because of the patients who are waiting for these medicines. It’s a ripple effect; when I help these companies find the right candidates, they become more profitable, and in return have higher funds to bring more drugs to the market that will save a huge part of the world’s population.”

“This is what motivates me! It’s extremely rewarding to know I am contributing to the process of bringing drugs to the market that save lives every day.”

What are you most passionate about in your job?

“I really enjoy the psychology that goes into recruiting. I genuinely find it interesting to get to know people and understand what motivates them. One of my favorite aspects of this job is working with a strong individual that knows exactly what they want, then to be able to peel back the layers and provide the best service possible.”

“I enjoy forming new relationships, and the more difficult the challenge, the more rewarding it is when candidates and clients decide to work with you. The key to recruitment is excellent communication.”

What’s your favorite story about placing someone into their dream role?

“The most recent candidate I placed, was a candidate that had worked for the past 9 years as a contractor. She hadn’t actually held a permanent role in the industry I was placing her in.”

“However, I reached out to her on a brand new role I was working on, which was a managerial level position in an oncology group. The day I reached out to her about this position, was the same day her father was diagnosed with brain cancer. It hit home for her, as she was being directly affected by this disease which in return made her extremely motivated to put her best foot forward to get involved in this research project; which she succeeded in doing! The client loved her and thought she was the perfect person for the role.”

“However, it was a tricky situation as emotions were involved, during the interview process she began to wonder, if it was the right time for her to begin a new job.”

“I was in constant communication with her and the client, to ensure everyone knew exactly what was going on.”

“As she was the perfect candidate for the role, the client was eager to get her on board and were willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. I set up a mentor system for her, remote working access to allow her to be in the hospital during the day and ensured her whole team knew what she was going through to provide her with a support system.”

“I think what helped he in the end was that she realized we are all humans and we all have been affected by cancer is some way; this gave her the courage to take the leap and start the job.”