The legal department at a staffing firm can sometimes garner a reputation for saying no or standing in the way of progress. However, Samira Alimohammad, our VP and General Counsel – Americas, has outlined why this isn’t the case and that legal departments can be a valuable stakeholder.

She recently wrote a piece for SIA’s Staffing Industry Review which discusses what legal departments can do to become strategic business partners inside a company, as well as to customers.

Samira also talks about the benefits of networking and leveraging relationships with other in-house counsel. Similarly, her article outlines how more business opportunities can be secured by reimagining the crucial role legal counsel play in building and maintaining relationships.

She said: “Staffing is a unique industry with a multitude of parties and issues. A valuable legal department needs to be an enabler of business and needs to understand the business wholly… Further, to have the greatest impact, it’s important to believe in your company’s purpose. I believe in mine — bringing skilled people together to build the future.”

You can read Samira’s full piece here.