We are a proud supporter of ‘Women in Recruitment’ (WIR) and their commitment to engaging, developing and connecting women within the recruitment profession.

To show our continued support for this cause, Natasha Clarke, our Chief People Office and Chair of Women in Recruitment, recently signed WIR’s Gender Equality Charter on behalf of SThree.

Embracing gender equality in recruitment

The Gender Equality Charter is a public commitment by recruitment organisations to promote gender equality and advance the careers of women in their organisations.

All signatories are advocating gender equality by focusing on areas such as; recruitment, career progression, training, development and retention.

Here at SThree, we believe that supporting gender quality is essential to reflect today’s society. But it also makes business sense!

Organisations that drive gender equality attract and retain the best talent, as well as better understand and meet their clients' needs to provide the best service possible.

Setting out to achieve good gender equality practice

By signing this Charter, we among others commit to:

  • Striving to achieve best practice in our recruitment, career progression and retention practices.
  • Empowering our female employees to achieve their full potential and take advantage of WIR events and activities.
  • Supporting the development of good gender equality practice by collecting and sharing examples of progressive activities with other signatories.
  • Annually publishing the gender profile of our UK employees and details of our work on gender equality.

Let’s continue to work together to tackle the gender gap and support women in advancing their careers.

If you want to find out more about our inclusion and diversity initiatives, take a look at the following brochure.