STEM’s leading recruiter, SThree plc, has raised £1m to support underprivileged children with programmes designed to help their dream futures become a reality.

SThree is passionate about creating opportunities, removing barriers and ensuring talented people can develop the careers they deserve, regardless of geography, gender or geopolitics. SThree’s partnership with SOS Children’s Villages is an example of the commitment the business and its people have demonstrated to this subject.

Global Head of CSR, Gemma Branney explained: “We have worked with SOS Children’s Villages for 10 years and are delighted to have raised more than £1m. This money has supported children in various countries and we’ve even sponsored a village in Chipata, Zambia. We have been able to provide the children there with education, clean water, electricity and healthcare – all things we take for granted.”

SThree came up with some truly inspiring ways of raising the money. Danielle and Nicolette, from SThree’s Amsterdam office, were inspired to have the children in Chipata paint pictures of their dream career. They went to Chipata, brought the childrens’ paintings back to Europe and organised an online auction across SThree’s worldwide office network. Bidding took off and the auction raised £30k. The children’s paintings now hang in SThree’s offices from San Fransisco to Tokyo, including the London office of Gary Elden, CEO of SThree plc – and act as a constant reminder to SThree’s consultants that when they are filling vacant positions, they are helping to make dreams come true.

The SThree Foundation focuses on diversity and inclusion and helps people from underprivileged backgrounds develop rewarding and fulfilling careers in STEM. SThree’s new charity partner is African Science Academy – which supports girls from across Africa to achieve careers in STEM.