We’re thrilled to announce that we are now officially a climate neutral business, an achievement announced and contributed by our partner ClimateCare.

How we got here

This year, we have invested in a Panama Wind Project in India to offset our full global carbon footprint and achieve a carbon neutral status.

We're climate neutral

This voluntary initiative supports India’s emerging renewable energy sector and the country’s increasing demand for clean energy.

The Wind Project, operated by Panama Group, has also contributed to native trees being planted, created new jobs and brought health and infrastructure benefits to rural communities.

Marie Broad, Head of CSR at SThree commented, “it’s amazing to go climate neutral and support a much needed renewable energy project in an area of the world where it’s particularly needed. We love the fact that we’re not only addressing sustainability but also helping improve lives.”

Further supporting the environment

For many years now, in collaboration with ClimateCare, we have supported projects around the world that cut carbon, as well as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals through socially impactful initiatives.

Last year, we also expanded the remit of our global carbon footprint to go beyond legal requirements to include: travel, paper use, waste and recycling.

Our total carbon footprint for 2015/16 was estimated at 4,354 tonnes of carbon dioxide and equivalent gases, which means that we reduced our comparative emissions by 8% in comparison to 2012/13.

Through our work on this agenda we have improved our Carbon Disclosure Score from an E to a B; a great achievement considering that the average respondent achieved a C.

To find out more about our other CSR initiatives, get in touch with our Head of CSR Marie Broad.