SThree's Global Vice President of Salesforce Practice, Stephanie Herrera, gave her thoughts on the technical skills gap to tech website, Information Week.

Stephanie reflected on her appearance at Dreamforce last month, the need for non-traditional skilled STEM talent and the benefits of having diverse teams.

And her thoughts have already proven to be a hit among those in the Salesforce community after the company tweeted a link to the article.

"The workplace and the skills required across industries are changing rapidly, yet there simply aren’t enough traditionally skilled applicants to fill these roles because technology is evolving faster than the traditional workforce", Stephanie commented.

"Companies that remain rigid in seeking only traditional 9-5 workers for jobs in IT/cloud/SaaS specialties are going to lose precious speed, agility, functionality and responsiveness. They will also lose money in the race to staff the millions of job openings for their Salesforce deployments alone.

"There is, however, a clear path forward, which doesn’t involve sacrificing money, time or talent. There are plenty of skilled workers ready to 'plug in and play'. Companies and hiring managers just need to think a bit differently to hit their staffing goals.

"Enter the non-traditional, skilled worker talent pool.

"As someone who sat squarely in this group many years ago, and as a minority, at times a single parent, a woman, who in 1998 was still looking for opportunities to break into the tech industry, I have a few thoughts to share with hiring managers who are looking to quickly and successfully staff up to meet their company’s rising staffing needs..."

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