The significant funding investments in STEM and the increased demand for STEM jobs are given an added boost with the launch of the SThree Foundation.

SThree CEO, Gary Elden OBE says that by addressing the future skills gap and the gender balance now, the estimated STEM job shortfall each year of around 69,000 roles won’t be as big of a challenge to tackle.

Future Talent Programme

The Foundation’s first initiative is the Future Talent Programme in collaboration with Generating Genius. Over the next two years, 50 A-Level students, aged 16 to 18, from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds will receive guidance and skills for a future in STEM industries.

“We need to act now to ensure we identify the key talent of tomorrow. We have a responsibility to ensure that we make career opportunities available to diverse talent for innovation and sustainable growth, and to help change young lives,” says Gary.

“The most in-demand jobs globally are in STEM industries, and right now in the UK alone, only 21% of the current STEM workforce are female. We’re addressing this with 60% of students we support being female.

“We’re confident STEM industries will have the very best talent for the future and the next generation will be well-placed to support and deliver novel solutions to grow and ensure businesses remain competitive,” says Gary.

Work experience with top STEM companies

Generating Genius CEO, Dr Tony Sewell says the opportunity for students to take on work experience with top STEM companies will prove invaluable, with 1.28 million jobs expected to be created in Britain’s STEM sector by 2020.

“We see the sixth form as a critical landmark in making career decisions. Businesses need to think about where the pipeline of talent is coming from and pre-university has the raw talent,” says Tony.

“Generating Genius and the SThree Foundation are supporting diverse young people to study STEM to a high level, and are helping them realise that STEM skills are going to be vital to their future employability.

“We provide the key link with schools, alongside a wonderful out of school programme of academic master-classes and tuition and SThree utilises their strong STEM network to enable young people the vital work experience and employability skills they need. In collaboration, we’re able to deliver a well-equipped and prepared talent pipeline. It’s a model for how CSR becomes front and centre of business planning.”

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