Lots organisations have had no choice but to initiate remote working policies across their business. And for many, this has meant an accelerated rollout of digital technologies. 

However, one change that hasn’t been so easy to address is the impact on leadership - how will leadership have to change in order to get the best out of people in a remote workplace?

With a majority of leaders used to managing their teams in person, we wanted to get some different perspectives on how leadership will, and should, adapt for this shift in the long term. So, we brought together industry experts to chat about flexible leadership. Could this be the key to helping organisations achieve a healthy balance between employee needs and business objectives?

Here are some things we learned:

Our insights were taken from a virtual roundtable featuring Mark Dorman, CEO at SThree, Matthew Blake, Chief People Officer at SThree, DeeDee Doke Editor at Recruiter Magazine, Chase Zieman, Head of Data Science at Vail Resorts and Dave Berry, BI Director at Blinds.com - part of the Home Depot group

You can watch the full session, and view upcoming events from SThree and our family of brands here.