We are delighted to announce that Kelly OCG, the outsourcing and consulting group of Kelly Services®, has honoured us with their Supplier Excellence Award for 2016, as a result of our global partnership through our recruitment brand Real Life Sciences.

Only 25 of Kelly OCG’s 4000 suppliers are awarded this recognition annually and we are proud to have been named on this list for the last 4 years.

How it works

Kelly OCG Our team at the awards ceremony

In order to receive this recognition, suppliers must participate in multiple KellyOCG managed workforce solutions programmes and be evaluated on spend development and performance in the following areas:

  • programme scorecard results
  • compliance
  • engagement survey results

Reactions on winning this award

“We are continuously inspired by the wonderful work being done in the Life Sciences Industry to improve the health and well-being of people around the world, and are proud to partner with Kelly OCG globally to connect the industry with top talent,” said Ben Sparks, Senior Director, Real Life Sciences.

“At Kelly, we pride ourselves in making a difference in people’s lives by connecting them with work,” said Thorsten Koletschka, supplier strategy and engagement lead, Global Talent Supply Chain Organisation for KellyOCG.

“Amplifying our portfolio through strong interlock with our outstanding suppliers enables us to deliver the world’s best workforce solutions. Our award winners have not only delivered distinguished services but have made a positive difference to numerous people’s lives through their dedicated and passionate work every day.”

The award ceremony and reception was held on May 3rd in Michigan.

To learn more about KellyOCG visit their website.