We're delighted to announce that SThree's IT Team have yet again been recognised with nominations at the Real IT Awards, the annual awards ceremony organised by the Corporate IT Forum.

This is a special accolade in the industry, as these awards are judged and voted on by independent peers in the IT industry, so there's no bias - just impartial judgement on the basis of our team’s work.

We are also in great company with other large organisations having been nominated such as News UK, Tata Steel, Waitrose and Barclays.

We're proud to say that we’ve been nominated in the following three categories:

  • IT Project Team of the Year
  • Cloud Project of the Year, recognising not only the rollout of the CRM software Salesforce across the entire business, but also the wider rollout of Xactly, a cloud-based incentive solution, and [email protected], our innovative people platform and performance system.
  • Overall IT Team of the Year

Reactions from our IT Team

Andrea Swaby, IT Programme Manager and Project Manager for [email protected], commented, “I am delighted that the [email protected] Project and team have received this recognition. The implementation of the new people platform required intensive collaboration across various IT projects. This recognition is testament to the expertise, hard work and dedication of the team and we are especially proud that it was given by our peers!”

James Maltby, Change Realisation Manager, who led the rollout of the Salesforce project globally, said after hearing about the nominations:

“It’s a great honour to be nominated again at the Real IT Awards. It was a massive achievement to not only rollout Salesforce to our global sales population in six months but also to replace our commissions system and people platform at the same time. Everyone in our IT team has played a huge part in this success and it’s great to see them recognised. It’s also testament to our great partners at Salesforce, Fairsail and Xactly so thanks to them as well.”

The winners will be announced on the evening of the 11th of May so watch this space to see how we get on, and whether we can add to our previous wins - with our Candidate Power Search winning three awards in 2015 and the SAP team winning the Partnership Award in 2013.

To learn more about these prestigious awards, visit the awards website.