How do you lead a company through a global pandemic? And how do you create an environment that breeds success?

Our CEO, Mark Dorman, recently featured on the Innovation and Leadership podcast to discuss the importance of having the right talent around you, a clear strategy, and taking a purpose-led approach to working. 

He said: “If I think of what gets people really engaged within businesses, it's them feeling part of a bigger whole. We're not just turning up for the pay check, we're here to do something that's meaningful not just profit and loss, but for society more broadly this is an important thing for us to do.”

He added: “The people that feel they're part of that team, they tend to be more engaged generally. That's certainly my experience, there's a lot of research out there that would indicate that companies that are purpose-driven tend to have more engaged employees. And since they're the factor that are going to make us successful or not, in terms of their levels of engagement, that's a pretty important thing.”

Listen to part one of the interview here and part two here.