"We need to address the issues and challenges of diversity in the workplace from a different perspective or else the term glass ceiling and old boys’ networks will continue to hold weight or this change will move painfully slow,” says Gary Elden OBE, CEO of SThree.

"Looking at the FTSE 100, only 1.5% of CEOs are both non-white and UK citizens and only 6% have a female CEO."

Closing the diversity gap

The launch of SThree’s new brand, Hyden will tackle this issue. Hyden is a specialist consulting and talent search practice that helps companies identify why and how they need to change and looks at previously hidden and under-utilised talent which can help close the diversity gap.

“The work we’re doing as an international staffing company with our customers and our teams have made us appreciate the effort needed to really make a difference. Our customers want to know how to build a culture of inclusion, where the find the best talent from across a diverse range of backgrounds. A workforce of diverse thinking, where this becomes behavioural and becomes inherent in hiring practices.”

“We want our customers to stay competitive and relevant in this fast moving economy and this is why we created a dedicated team and business that is focused on helping companies not only take on a more diverse workforce but really look at the challenges that companies face in addressing the issues from the top down and this is what Hyden does,” says Gary.

Passion for diversity

To make this a success Joanna Abeyie joins Hyden as Managing Director. She brings over seven years championing diversity, and has worked with over 3,000 people who would previously not have been selected by traditional recruitment methods.

Joanna says, “SThree and Hyden perfectly align with our passion for diversity and our holistic approach to championing inclusion. Hyden will empower diverse talent and allow organisations to become more competitive, an employer of choice and deliver greater strategic value.”

Hyden Executive Director, Managing Partner at SThree and Chair of Women in Recruitment at APSCo, Natasha Clarke along with SThree CEO, Gary Elden who recently received an OBE for Diversity in Business are the driving force behind this initiative.

Natasha continues, “As a staffing company we are in a privileged position to make a real difference to the work place. We want to ensure all talent receive an opportunity to succeed and allow organisations to recognise and access the diversity of talent that’s available to them.”

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