Businesses have been forced to adapt this year due to the global pandemic – and they’ll have to continue to do so with private sector IR35 reform on the horizon.

The latter undoubtedly poses a challenge for UK businesses going forward. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Our Commercial Director, Charlie Cox, explains that the change in legislation can also bring around opportunities for firms, the flexible workforce, and the UK staffing sector as a whole.

He recently spoke to Global Recruiter and shared his top tips on how businesses can remain competitive on the lead up to, and following, IR35 reform.

Charlie said: “UK businesses who want to secure contractors with STEM skills to remain competitive on the lead up to and following the private sector reform need to ensure they make themselves attractive to the contract workforce.”

He added: “An easy way to do that is to ensure they properly understand the new rules that will be effective from April 2021.”

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