The pandemic has highlighted the importance of STEM and how it plays a vital role in solving the most complex problems we face.


For almost a year our lives have been impacted in a way that was previously unimaginable. High streets lie empty, children are being home schooled, and millions of us are working remotely, all because of Covid-19.

The devastating impact of the pandemic has been evident for all to see and it’s something nobody could have prepared for.

However, there’s some light at the end of what has felt like a never-ending tunnel and that’s down to the remarkable work of STEM teams around the world. We’ve waited anxiously for solutions that will help us emerge from the other side of this crisis – and the STEM workforce hasn’t disappointed.

Creating vital scientific solutions

STEM teams have stepped up and delivered critical scientific breakthroughs which are saving lives. And we feel honoured to be doing our bit to power all of these changes – by connecting highly skilled people with STEM businesses.

Vaccine developers have created drugs which protect us from this potentially deadly virus and these jabs are finally being put in people’s arms. In the space of just months, several have been created, tested, and approved for use. This is a true scientific triumph.

We’ve also seen first-hand the vital work being done by businesses producing diagnostic testing kits who are playing a huge part in the response to Covid-19.

But it’s not just the Life Sciences sector that deserves recognition. A major consequence of the pandemic has been the rapid shift to remote working and learning. Both IT and tech talent have been central to ensuring businesses transition successfully.

SThree’s teams have even worked closely with universities in the US and UK to help them improve their systems and ensure students can onboard smoothly. All of this highlights the world’s reliance on STEM and its ability to continuously solve the biggest problems we face.

We’ve always understood its true value, but the pandemic has highlighted the importance of STEM skills to new levels. It’s why our purpose is to bring the best specialist STEM talent and businesses together to build a better future has never felt more important.