Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic tech innovation should be embraced rather than feared, according to SThree’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Dorman.

Mark has been featured in the leading online magazine, Tech Radar, where he discussed how employees can benefit from the AI revolution.

He also called on business leaders to educate employees on the opportunities that tech brings and on how they can use AI and robotics to be more effective, efficient, and, ultimately, more useful.

“Fears over the impact of robotics on jobs and the economy, or of the impact of artificial intelligence, or the ‘rise of the machines’, means many employees look to the future with trepidation or even dread”, Mark said.

“It seems like there is almost a constant stream of headlines about how technical innovation means even more roles are about to be lost to robots, algorithms or something similar.

“Many of these concerns are justified. However, in reality, they are just the latest stage in a trend that has been going on for millennia. For example, the development of farming meant better livestock management, while the industrial revolution automated factories and processes, and made millions of industrial jobs redundant.

“Yet none of these changes in the past have produced a society of humans searching vainly for a role to play. Rather, they have spurred even greater technological leaps, often in areas that could not have been imagined at the time.

“That’s why I believe the latest innovations mean employees have nothing to fear: the rise of robot technology will merely see a new type of job evolve, or maybe even challenge our perceptions about what a ‘job’ actually is.”

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