On the 10th July, 27 of our inspirational female leaders from around the world came together to celebrate the closing of IdentiFy, SThree’s first female leadership programme.

Over the past 12 months, they have benefitted from classroom training, sponsorship, one-to-one coaching, networking and stretch assignments to develop their skills and give them the confidence they need to realise their potential.

"We designed this programme to ensure we were fulfilling our promise as an employer to develop our people and give them an environment they can thrive in. We also want to make sure we are benefitting from all the diverse talent we have at SThree" said Gary Elden, CEO of SThree.

Three of the IdentiFy participants talked about the journey they've been on and how they have grown in confidence and self-appreciation throughout the programme. A panel of senior leaders and non-executive directors then shared their thoughts on how we can create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

“I was really impressed by the honesty of all our participants. I know there is still a lot we can do but having these open conversations is the best way forward”, concluded Gary Elden. “It makes me very proud to see how much our participants have done and evolved over the course of a year."

IdentiFy is part of a wider programme across SThree to develop our leaders’ skills and ensure we have the best people, living up to SThree’s leadership principles - Know me, Focus me, Develop me, Care for me and Include me.

Watch this video to see what our female leaders have to say about IdentiFy.