Partnering with clients to build a future through clean energy

Case study: Infinis

We’re committed to building a greener and sustainable future. A significant part of that is partnering with clients in the renewable energy space and helping them find the right specialist talent as the world transitions to a low carbon economy.

One of those is Infinis, the UK’s leading generator of low carbon power from captured landfill and mineral methane. Their capture projects already prevent the release of more than six million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) escaping into the atmosphere. However, they’re looking to diversify and expand their business to create long-term sustainability.

As part of their expansion, they recently opened a new solar energy division. And they’re planning to co-locate their solar technology on the sites where they’re already generating renewable power. Some existing staff members will be transferred to the new solar division, but their roles will have to be filled first before that can happen. And that’s when Infinis turned to SThree.

The team needed to fill a range of vacancies, from hands-on electrical, instrumentation and mechanical technicians to controls and instrumentation engineers to electrical managers. Infinis was looking to hire for these niche electrical positions and needed talent with specific high voltage experience. Not only that, they required this in a relatively short timeframe.

Given our market knowledge, we fully understood the scarcity of candidates with these skills, especially those with experience in senior leadership positions. We made these challenges clear to Infinis and helped them design a more attractive offering to attract talent with the right skills and necessary experience.

We provided Infinis with the specialist candidates they were struggling to find through our expertise in the electrical engineering space and our network of highly skilled professionals. It has allowed them to expedite their growth plans into the solar energy market and work towards meeting the net-zero carbon emissions target.

The project manager from the energy company said: “Most of all, I appreciate the flexibility of SThree’s professionals. They had individuals available in short order who were ready for full engagement on the site. Not only that, but SThree hires were able to help on other job sites if necessary.”

Case study: Construction of utility-scale wind farm in the US

Over the past few years, our business in the renewable energy space has increased significantly. We’ve supported numerous clients in the industry, including a global renewable energy construction company in the US that manages power plants worldwide.

They needed expertly trained individuals for a wind farm in the US Midwest which will remove nearly two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Site managers realised that some of the design work for the project’s turbines had been lost in translation. They were concerned about the potential stress this could cause to materials delivery and timelines – it could even force teams to redo blueprint drawings while construction was in process.

Luckily they contacted SThree, as they required talent with specialist skills to ensure construction continued through the additional design process. The company also needed the contracted staff to arrive with the necessary equipment and ready to hit the ground running.

We work with skilled experts in a host of niche fields, from engineering disciplines to health and safety and administrative responsibilities. And we provided our client with professionals who have the precise skill sets needed for this project. This included civil and mechanical engineers, quality control and electrical experts.

The quick deployment of talent made it much easier for the project owner to fill vacancies on the job site and keep the momentum going even through the design revisions.

By “bringing skilled people together”, we were able to help this renewable energy company succeed through challenges and make sure the wind farm became operational on schedule.

We partner with clients like this as we’re committed to building a greener future powered by clean energy. And we have the expertise to make sure we’re bringing the right specialist talent to our clients in the renewables space.

Case study: Arevon Energy

Arevon Energy For over 25 years now, we’ve been working with a multitude of clients in the energy industry, helping to connect them with skilled engineering talent across a breadth of industries. And over the past few years, our business in the renewable energy space has drastically increased.

In the past, we’ve supported US-based organisation, Arevon Energy, on a number of placements to find specialist professionals in the world’s largest staffing market. But in the past 12 months, we were able to build a trusted relationship with them at a time when they really needed us – helping them to source a varied range of skilled professionals.

Arevon Energy handle projects that offer a variety of renewable energy solutions across wind and solar, among others. As an organisation with aggressive growth plans, it’s vital for this business to find professionals who are the perfect fit. That’s where we come in.

Purpose is at the heart of Arevon Energy, and they truly care about issues relating to climate change. They’ve invested in building a better world and this runs through their recruitment requirement. That’s why they need us to find the right people who share their values, not just people who can simply do the job.

Thanks to the work of our team, we were able to fully understand what they were looking for. Through our expert recruitment techniques, we matched skills and passion – finding people who actively campaign for renewable energy legislation.

Arevon Energy is also fully committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce within the renewable energy space. And we’ve helped them in this area too, by connecting them to a diverse range of candidates and helping to bring more women into engineering roles.

Bringing people who care about our environment together is embedded in our DNA. And bringing diverse pools of skilled people together is what we do