Coming Together To Build The Future

At SThree we bring skilled people together to build the future. One of the ways we achieve this is through using our relationships, intellectual capital and resources to support life-changing projects that help people from diverse backgrounds into employment and careers in STEM.

It is our aim to build a responsible, trustful and sustainable business that not only has a positive impact on the communities where we operate but transforms them through our collective drive to evoke positive change.

Our achievements, strategy and vision for ESG: how we’re helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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SThree Foundation


The SThree Foundation was established to support the development of a diverse talent pipeline in STEM. It is our aim that everyone has the opportunity to engage with STEM as the benefits of doing so can be transformative. Every year the SThree Foundation invites SThree employees to nominate STEM projects for funding. So far we have funded coding classes, work experience programmes, STEM debates, science classes and scholarships.

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Our people are passionate about giving back. We have recently completed a partnership with SOS Children’s Villages where we came together and raised over £1m.

SThree is excited to launch a long-term partnership with the African Science Academy (ASA). ASA brings together girls from across Africa to study STEM subjects. In one year the students complete the qualifications needed to attend top universities across the world as well as develop critical problem solving, public speaking and leadership skills. The students meet inspiring leaders who visit their school. They also volunteer, teaching maths in the local community. Their commitment to succeed and aspirations to make an impact has been nurtured throughout their time at ASA.

ASA support these bright young women to attend top universities across the world where they then complete their degree and commence a career in STEM. We will transform these students’ lives and they will go on to transform the world.




We believe in offering our employees a career with purpose. Every SThree employee can use two paid working days every year to volunteer. We use our expertise to help people from diverse backgrounds on their journey. We work with the homeless, young people from underprivileged backgrounds, women escaping violence and many others, supporting them on their journey to employment.

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to use our expertise to support the next generation of STEM innovators through the Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge

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Work Experience

We are passionate about giving young people opportunities to improve their employability and raise their aspirations. We achieve this through working in partnership with various schools, youth organisations and charities. We develop and deliver bespoke work experience, mentoring, internships and apprenticeships.

We also work with clients to deliver STEM Insight Placements where young people attend work experience to gain employability skills and experience the variety of roles and industries available to them.




We are committed to ensuring our environmental impact is minimal and we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint. Through annual carbon reporting we identify our main emission factors and actively work to reduce these through changing our business practices and influencing the behaviours of our people and suppliers.

To show our commitment to the environment we undertake a carbon offsetting exercise every year and invest in projects through Climate Care. This has included funding the Gold Standard Ugastoves in Uganda, wind power projects and solar projects in India. As a result we are proud to be a carbon neutral business.

For more information on our CSR projects please contact Gemma Branney, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at [email protected].