Upholding gender diversity and inclusion in STEM education within Singapore

Tips on upholding gender diversity and inclusion in STEM education within Singapore


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Upholding gender diversity and inclusion in STEM education within Singapore

Gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) have long been a key priority for businesses today to build a cohesive and collective workplace that is welcoming for all. However, various studies and research has shown the disparity of women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in Singapore who are deemed more likely to perceive there are barriers to the entry and progression in STEM careers due to gender than men, reported by the Promotion of Women in Engineering, Research, and Science (POWERS)

In an article featuring Alena Salakhova, Regional Director of SThree Singapore, ‘The problem with stagnant growth in STEM careers ‘stems’ from gender gap in the workplace’, she helped to address the following points.


Debunking key misconceptions of women in STEM

She shared “Various misconceptions include women lacking the technical skills, not being fast enough, tendency to make mistakes in service delivery, as well as being much more emotional that will impact the decisions they make compared to men. While these stereotypes exist across all industries, these are more prevalent and pronounced in STEM as it is a factual and numbers-driven industry – hence the impact felt and seen is more substantial and pronounced. 

For instance, men are rarely seen in HR – many also think this is not a men’s job. However, we need to look ahead of all these stereotypes as jobs are not gendered.”

Supporting a diverse workforce in Singapore

SThree Singapore is proud to uphold diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in our hiring practices both internally as one team growing together, as well as with our partnering organisations when we guide them in evaluating their talent strategies.

Every small step counts and we’ve significantly increased our placements of women in STEM from  . Types of jobs in Singapore that we have filled the gender gap include top jobs in demand such as Automation Engineers, Software Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, to Regulatory Affairs Managers, Quality Directors and even Data Scientists.


How do you picture the STEM industry in the next 5 years?

STEM is the future – the education aspect of this is important to lead generations ahead to continue this sector for innovation.

Alena highlighted “Whilst there is still a prevalent gap for gender equality in STEM markets, we play a pivotal role as a recruitment firm to shift the dial. There is great support from government initiatives such as investments on technology in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Industry 4.0 taking over engineering, manufacturing and continued investments R&D will support the shift in dependency on a labour force.”


Notes for editors

To read the interview feature by Vulcan Post:

Interview feature by Vulcan Post

To learn more about the STEM world and the future of work, do review our key insights here:

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