Are leaders ready for the hybrid work model?

Find out how leaders can prepare themselves effectively for the hybrid work model

hybrid working

Are leaders ready for the hybrid work model?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore survey show that the majority of employers are keen to continue flexible work arrangements even after the pandemic ends, given the benefits that these initiatives bring to both employers and employees.

Leading by example, the government will enact compulsory guidelines that will require employers to fairly and properly consider flexible work arrangement requests. This will also include having a clear policy on how to request flexible work arrangements and managing employees' expectations on its responsible use, timely communication of outcomes on flexible work arrangement requests as well as fair and objective evaluation of employees by 2024 via the Tripartite Advisory on Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA).

It's one thing to implement policies and processes to enable the hybrid model. But what are companies doing to shift their leadership search and succession planning to develop a more hybrid-savvy leadership?

In an article featuring Alena Salakhova, Regional Director of SThree Singapore, ‘What are we doing to develop leaders for the hybrid model?’, she helped to address the following points.


1. Prioritising skills and competencies amongst leaders

Alena shared some of the key skills and competencies that leaders should hone:

“The key for me would not be the change or shift, but in-depth development of key competencies of leadership teams which are already a priority from companies. First of all, being agile and acting agile to be able to deal with a fast-changing working environment is important. There will always be constant changes but leaders need to be focussed and be constantly motivated by that. Your capacity to work should not be limited by the changes of the working environment. Curiosity is also essential – this is harder to show when working from home, and leaders need to innovate to stay curious, to question norms, to challenge and grow.”


2. Mind-set shift is key

Change begins from within – Alena highlighted key areas that leaders should re-evaluate in their outlook and leadership strategy:

“There is still an old school mentality among leaders at the top, we need a mindset shift and that requires time. Pace of communication flows are changing – people are getting increasingly overwhelmed, especially with information coming at you from different platforms and channels. Leaders need to lead from the front, cope, and guide your team. 

In the past it’s easy to detect why deliverables were not achieved on time, but this is getting increasingly difficult for leaders as well – leaders need to be attentive to their teams, as not everyone can cope easily and as quickly. Our customers on leadership levels also shared that their ability to be vocal, sincere and genuine will always remain essential.”


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