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Securing opportunities for future generations

How can we address the STEM skills gap and entice future generations to work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? 


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World STEM Day

With almost 6 million employed in STEM in the UK, World STEM day (8th November) marks an important date, and reminds us of the impact STEM skills will have in the future, and why we need to encourage growth and protect the pipeline of talent into STEM. Whether it’s in the Life Sciences, IT or Engineering sector – STEM experts play a pivotal role in securing sustainable economies and tackling the world's future challenges. They are providing vital services to improve quality of life, improve sustainability and provide innovations to help our global society flourish.

The skills shortage remains top of the agenda

However, there are a number of issues which are having an impact on STEM industries. There is still a shortage of STEM skills in the UK and other developed countries like the USA. This shortage reflects a much wider problem linked to enticing students to enter STEM fields. The UK STEM workforce has a lower share of females, as well as those with disabilities. This STEM inequity is leading to a lack of experience, perspective and representation from across society. That's why World STEM Day is so important. 

Recruiting and nurturing diverse talent will not only help to address these skills shortages but will create equitable economic opportunity with a more innovative and productive sector.

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'We are doing a lot of work to help and advise young adults to make choices to become specialists in STEM because we truly believe it is something we as a society need, but also it’s a great benefit from a career, from a professional expertise point of view, and of course from an earning and wealth perspective to be operating in STEM.’ Timo Lehne, CEO, SThree

STEM: Securing opportunities for future generations

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'The world has become far more flexible. There's a huge demand on flexible work in whatever way that is, if it’s perm or maybe perm moving to contracts or contracts to an employed model. On the modelling of staffing, there’s so much development going on. And that's where we see a huge opportunity' Jelte Hacquebord, Senior Managing Director - Benelux, France, Spain & MENA

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Our global house of specialist brands gives a unique combination of expert recruitment knowledge and worldwide reach. Each brand brings expertise in specific sought-after skills within science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We understand them and know how to achieve the goals of STEM professionals and the organisations that need them across many sectors – for both permanent and contract work.

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Computer Futures

Computer Futures is one of the most dynamic and highly regarded specialist IT recruitment providers in the world, placing specialists in both permanent and contract roles for over 30 years.

We attract and nurture communities of specialises within niche markets and technologies. Using our global network and local expertise, we partner outstanding people with companies driving change across the world.

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Progressive Recruitment

Progressive Recruitment is immersed in the world of start-ups and blue-chip multinationals, providing sought-after specialists in engineering, life sciences, IT, global energy, construction and supply chains.

Our enthusiastic experts across 15 global offices provide a specialist service relevant to your industry needs, covering mid-level jobs to executive and c-suite roles.

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Real Staffing

Real Staffing is a global leader in recruitment for the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology sectors, with specialist services within IT and the public sector.

By delivering bespoke solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes, we manage change and deliver cost efficiency improvements through technology, information and people for influential partners.

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Huxley is a global leader in contract and permanent recruitment services for banking and finance, engineering, IT and supply chain industries.

By understanding the movement and motivations of skilled professionals, we develop partnerships with world-renowned companies, matching them with experienced workers within niche markets and skill sets.

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Global Enterprise Partners

Global Enterprise Partners is an enterprise technology agency based in the US and the Netherlands, placing specialist contractors across North America and Europe in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce projects.

Finding the right people can be a challenge. Our committed consultants use an agile approach to provide market-specific advice, placing specialist contractors wherever, and whenever, they are needed.

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JP Gray

JP Gray is based in the Netherlands and focuses on cutting-edge organisations across Europe in need of talented candidates in finance, IT, customer services, logistics and supply chains, support and technical sectors.

With our three core values of service, quality and speed at the heart of everything we do, we deliver best-in-class recruitment driven by the specialist skills of candidates and bespoke needs of our clients.

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Madison Black

At Madison Black our mission is simple. We connect the best creative talent in the United States with industry disruptors in need of design, marketing, communications, advertising and public relations roles.

Throughout our extensive network of quality candidates our dedicated contractor team provide a personal service, finding and placing creative flair that our competitors struggle to find.