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STEM professionals know their worth in this changing world of work, and employers need to tap into their skills if they are to build the future

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The steep escalation of demand for STEM expertise means that traditional methods of skills acquisition must be rethought. They don’t deliver results when there are evidently too few candidates with the exact qualifications and experience. As a result, across all of STEM’s sectors and sub-sectors, employers have now realised that they need to re-focus their approach to finding talent if they are to successfully recruit into key jobs.

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One thing is clear: the future of work is changing, and the opportunities are endless. Sought-after specialists are demanding that their needs are listened to at every step in their career. And dynamic organisations need access to their skills to stay ahead of their competitors.

That’s where specialist recruitment teams come in. 


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By helping sought-after STEM specialists seize their moment SThree is supercharging the potential of people with skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

We are connecting them with dynamic organisations around the world. Sparking new possibilities and unboxing careers. Taking professionals to even greater heights of achievement and fulfilment. Powering innovation and growth in vital industries.


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Our family of specialist recruitment brands in more than 40 offices across 15 countries, from Europe to Japan and the USA, provides a unique combination of worldwide reach and expert local recruitment knowledge across several sectors.

By bringing skilled people together, we are elevating expertise and energising progress for everyone. 

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How the STEM world works

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How the STEM World Works

The How the STEM World Works research provides insight into the career journeys and big picture dynamics that shape STEM recruitment.

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Career aspirations of STEM professionals are changing

STEM professionals' career aspirations are changing. We unearth these changing expectations and motivations in our research.

STEM Equity Coalition

Salary and benefits are still the top priority for STEM candidates

Companies who delay in recognising market value of sought-after specialists risk losing them to a better considered offer.

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Flexible working options are no longer regarded as an added benefit

Flexible working options are no longer being regarded as an added benefit – they are now expected to be a standard given of employment.

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Women are a powerful source of new talent

Women are a powerful source of new talent to help address the STEM gender gap and shortages of STEM skills. But there is still work to do.

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Employers need to recognise the value of career development

Employers need to recognise the value of having clear career pathways to attract and retain sought-after specialists.

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Extending the recruitment search creates new opportunities

By extending their recruitment search to other sectors, STEM organisations can increase their chances of finding the most-suitable candid...

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Contract workers are in greater demand

Contract workers are in greater demand causing agile, change-aware STEM organisations to rethink the ways they access talent and capability.

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Making a difference is becoming an important factor when searching for a new job

STEM employers can enhance their attractiveness to top candidates by ensuring that they have a positive impact on society and the environ...