Acing your next tech interview

Review and refresh your interview skills with Women Who Code and SThree

Preparing for your tech interview

"Congratulations on submitting your CV and passing the initial phone interview— it is time for your formal interview!"

When you hear those words we know the excitement that starts to build, but we also understand that sometimes you start to get that anxious feeling rising up inside you. 

Watch our webinar in partnership with Women Who Code to equip yourself on how to review and refresh your interview skills.

Key takeaways

Our very own Sonam Garrigan, Associate Business Manager from our Life Science recruitment brand, Real Staffing, guides you through:

  • Preparing for an interview
  • Interview etiquette
  • Interview hints and tips
  • Advice for technical roles
  • Questions to ask your recruiter
  • Mock interviews

Speaker and moderator

Headshot of Sonam Garrigan

Sonam Garrigan

Sonam is the Associate Business Manager for Real Staffing one of SThree UK's specialist STEM recruitment brands.

Sonam Garrigan has worked at SThree UK for over 10 years. She is passionate about the recruitment industry, which gives her the opportunity to support and develop people to reach their full potential and achieve their career and personal goals.

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Headshot of Irina Kamalova, Director of Women Who Code London

Irina Kamalova

Irina is a Director of Women Who Code London and a Senior Backend Software Engineer at Revolut.

Her experience as a Software Engineer included working with large projects, search engines, distributed systems, performance issues, and huge data storage. Apart from being a strong developer and a good team player, in the last 2-years, she volunteered for CodeFirst: Girls and Women Who Code London and grew up from volunteer to lead and, in the end, to a Director of community. She organised a team to deliver outstanding projects and show impressive results. She built a guild of volunteers to deliver a Mentorship Programme, technical tracks, help with resumes, mock interviews and overall grown community more than twice.Currently, she’s working at Revolut and building a platform for retail products. That includes support services to handle our 20 million clients, handle huge throughput and provide law latency for data flow. Irina constantly helps her team to tackle the extra mile and help the company to improve an intervening process, onboarding new hires and running knowledge-sharing activities. As a cherry on top, she helped to launch the inner Revolut Women Guild “RevWomen”.

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