Our Services

SThree plc provides a range of resources and support to deliver a full service, end to end experience for our customers.

The Group works with companies of all sizes, from industry leading multi-nationals, to innovative start-ups to deliver contract, permanent, projects, retained and executive search recruitment solutions. Our support and mobility services offer flexibility and assurance for the life of the recruitment process including contracting, relocation and relevant visa support.

For over 30 years, the Group has offered customers expert advice across a range of industries, and a rigorous screening process to ensure companies secure the best talent to drive their future growth.

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

The SThree Group has technical expertise across a range of specialist sectors and has a clear understanding of the global MSP landscape with a dedicated division that’s solely focused on working and delivering to MSP products such as; Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Statement of Work (SOW) or Contingent Workforce Outsourcing (CWO).

By working with the SThree Group, you’ll have the unique advantage of specialist expertise that can consult with key Business Heads within your MSP, in addition to HR and Procurement teams, to understand where we can add value and implement strategic staffing solutions on any scale.

Our expertise is derived from all of our respective brands and is focused on niche, technical markets that cross a wide range of sectors globally. This allows SThree to provide world-leading resources and capabilities including Statement of Work and Functional Service Provider services.

As a truly global company, we partner with you across different regions and provide unrivalled access to our well-established supplier base. This allows us to problem solve, with minimal touchpoints, across any corner of the globe.

Customer experience

The SThree Group continues to invest in our customers and our people to better understand the needs and what matters to them. We work with our customers to understand their needs and tailor a service that’s right for them. We want to make sure they have everything they need in order to have a great experience with SThree and our brands.

Improving the experience starts with our customers feedback. To do this, we use Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is based on one simple question: how likely are you to recommend us on a scale of zero to ten and why?

The scale is divided into three categories, on an 11-point scale. The categories and scale are, Promoters (9 – 10), Passives (7 – 8), Detractors (0 – 6). It tells us what our customers truly think about their experience with us and allows us to adapt our systems, processes, and behaviours to deliver an excellent service.

It’s important to us that we understand our customers expectations and analyse both positive and negative feedback. This ensures we’re continuously improving our working practices and our customers experience, so it’s the best it can be.

Contractor services

SThree provides the resources to support our brands with all contractor services. With over 9,000 active contractors working with us globally, we deliver compliant contractors that are ready to commence work at your request, for any length of time. As part of the SThree Group, our teams provide the administrative support and onboarding requirements for a seamless transition into the new role.

Our Contractor Care teams offer a high level of service that meets the ever-changing compliance and regulation standards worldwide. We provide a comprehensive time sheeting and payroll process, in addition to relocation support and relevant visa requirements. We have invested in technology to enhance the level of service offered to our customers. Our dedicated teams work exclusively to support our contractors and our customer’s needs.